Client Testimonials

For nearly 30 years Pinkney Financial Services has been helping clients in Fort McMurray achieve their financial goals. Read our satisfied clients reviews below.

"Pinkney Wealth has always understated the percentages that they earns their clients. The returns have exceeded my expectations. I confidently follow their advice. Good bye tension, hello pension. Well played."

"I started investing with Pinkney Wealth when I was 28 now I'm 48 and with their help I’m looking at retiring early. Their personal approach and passion for helping people through life has been a pillar in my investment strategy."

"For years I had all my investment monies tied up with my bank, and nothing was happening; my money wasn’t growing at all, and no one at the bank cared. I couldn’t see what was happening with my money and I couldn’t access it. Then I went to Pinkney Financial, and they worked with me to better position my investments. I have been with them for years now, what a difference. The service is professional and personal. I appreciate Wayne’s perspective and his understanding of the needs of the retiree, and someone does care, whereas dealing with a 30-year-old at the bank was a waste of time. I like to explain it like this: “I have a bucket of money with Pinkney Wealth, and for years I have been dipping into that bucket to maintain my comfortable and fun lifestyle including international travel, and the bucket stays full; it’s amazing, MAGIC!” The above average long-term returns have supported my worldwide globetrotting I am very grateful to Pinkney Financial for personal help on more than one occasion, to help me achieve my goals and dreams for travel for example. Wayne helped me with a strategy to use my own money to buy myself a new car, avoiding penalties, loans or interest."

"Over the years Pinkney Wealth has made retirement a reality - within arms reach. They gave our financial profile the detail and attention needed with great success."

"Pinkney Wealth has been instrumental in the growth of my pension plans that I had with previous employers. Even throughout the pandemic my investments are still gaining. This tells you you’re in the right spot. We live on the other side of Canada now and still have great trust in Pinkney."

"To this day, Pinkney Wealth was the best financial decision I’ve ever made. I consider Wayne as a friend, who always keeps our family’s best interests at heart. I look forward to speaking with him every time I see his phone number show up. They provide regular updates and checks in. I know without Pinkney Financial, my retirement goals would look much bleaker then they do today, for which I am forever grateful. While Wayne has been instrumental to me personally and financially, I know none of this would have been possible without having Wayne's team behind him. Thank you to the whole Pinkney team."

"I have been dealing with Pinkney Wealth for about 17 years. As a young adult I never thought or knew much about retirement. I was able to invest my YMM fireman pensions with Wayne and never had to even look at what was going on. They kept in contact with me even when I was living in Australia and traveling the world. I have seen great growth in my investments. Thanks again Wayne."

"I was rapidly losing money that I had with another national investment company with extra fees when I was referred to Pinkney Wealth. They not only regained the money I had lost in a very short amount of time, I had no extra fees. The experience greatly exceeded my expectations. I was able to advance my retirement goals by five years. I highly recommend them for all your financial requirements."

"For the past 12 years Pinkney Wealth Management has provided me with excellent investment returns and prosperous management of my financial portfolio. This winter we are in Cape Breton but next winter we will be in Mexico, and I already know they will have my back taking care of my oil sands money."

"Your team’s expert investment skills and effective and consistent communication with us, has given us the opportunity to retire earlier than our projected date."

"The Pinkney Wealth team’s expertise and communication has allowed us to retire from the Oilsands significantly earlier than we initially thought."

"I started contributing to RRSP’s in the early part of 1990’s. My only exposure to the concept of RRSP’s was through the banks and their seasonal advertising campaigns . The results were, to say the least, dismal. Having paid out more in MER’s than what the funds produced . No matter how many times I completed their investment questionnaires, reaffirmed by risk tolerances I was not building my nest egg. Today I will more than likely retire before 65. I cannot thank Wayne and his staff enough, for securing my financial well being and peace of mind. I will be forever grateful to them."

"My portfolio performance has been nothing short of amazing and the dedication that you and your team put in, Pinkney Wealth is over and above what I ever expected.. Excellent communication, always available, and always on top of the markets. I appreciate you ensuring that I am kept informed."

"Pinkney Wealth is awesome. I have never had better service from any financial company in my life. Wayne and his team WILL always walk that extra mile for their clients. I cannot give high enough praise for there professional efficient and client orientated service ."

"I’ve been dealing with the friendly staff at Pinkney Financial for over 15 years. We have been gone from Fort Mc Murray for over five years now, but due to our consistent above average investment returns with Wayne, we were thankfully able to retire here in Lacombe the end of last November. Wayne and his staff have treated me like family and we trusted them with our money while I worked, and we now continue to trust them in our retirement. Communication has always been effective and we can always count on them to act in our best interests."

"Since arriving from South Africa in April 2007, Bev, an engineer, is a project Turnover Lead Planner at Suncor. She is applying for Canadian citizenship and hopes to retire in Northern Alberta someday. "Wayne was wonderful in our first meeting. It seemed as if I was talking with a friend, and his answers were crystal clear. For the first time in my life, I felt at rest and understood where my money was going. Pinkney Financial Services has my highest recommendation for integrity, dedication, and genuine care."

"The Johnsons lived in Fort McMurray for over 30 years. Judy was a school librarian while Tom, a bush pilot, worked as an Equipment Operator at Syncrude. They retired in 2010 and want to spend their winters in Arizona before returning to their children and grandkids in Canada. "We'd know Wayne for years. He makes you feel at ease when it comes to money. We have a business, and he offered some great ideas on how to tie it in. They look at your entire financial life and guide you to increase your finances. It was like a family experience since they always have time for you. They have a personal touch, which we value."

"Dwayne and Gloria met at College of the North Atlantic. They came to Fort McMurray in 2001 after graduating with Computer Support Specialist Diplomas. Gloria is now a full-time mom, doing contract work for Finning Canada, and Dwayne is a Power Engineer at Syncrude. "Their advice was logical and clear. They were direct, thorough, and well-researched. We met with Wayne 5 times, and his expertise amazed us. It was always "us" when we worked with them and never "you." They guided us in the right direction. We wish we'd found them earlier."

"I am grateful for of all the assistance I have received from Wayne, and the whole Pinkney Wealth team. My investment returns have to date exceeded my wildest expectations and have made my retirement possible much earlier than I had ever thought. The whole team has gone out of their way to ensure a smooth transition from working as a dental employee in Northern Alberta, to a happy retiree in my native province, New Brunswick. If you are concerned about financial aspects of retirement, and/or need assistance planning your retirement, give Pinkney a call."

"Tonya studied at Memorial University in Newfoundland, earned her pilot's licence and served as a Police Officer. As mother of 2 girls, she works in the area of safety as a Training Operations Manager. She recently got married to Russell in Mexico. "I'm 39 years old and a single parent. When my divorce was finalized, I wanted to sort out my financial future." I had some cash with no idea where to invest. Wayne discussed the type of investor I wanted to be and then recommended the best line of action. He basically stated "This is what you need to get lined up," and informed me how much I needed to save each year to qualify for tax incentives. It's a huge relief to get this resolved. All thanks to Pinkney’s wide range of services.”

They lived in Fort McMurray for over 30 years. In 2008, Herb retired from Suncor as a mechanic while Debbie, the office manager of Premay Equipment, was on his way to retirement. They stay in Gregoire Lake Estates to pursue their love for outdoors: snowmobiling, boating, quadding, and camping. "They are pleasant to be around, easily available, and accommodating. Wayne had a good understanding of Herb's Suncor pension plan. It was definitely a great experience, and the men were entertaining. When you talk to Wayne, you feel like you've known him for a long time. We became buddies in the process."

In December 1990, they moved to Fort McMurray. Shirley worked as a Suncor Lab Technician and Lester as a Diversified driver until 2008, when they retired to their Stettler condo. They now split their time between Stettler and Yuma, Arizona. "We didn't know much about investing when we initially met Wayne, so he'd explain things like a good teacher. We learnt a lot from him. He assisted us to the point that we can retire 5 years sooner than intended. They really provide excellent service."

Joan completed her B.Ed. and taught in the Public School System, while Dan worked as a Suncor Engineering Project Manager. They retired and are presently living in the Bridgewater area, NS. "We had some investments in Nova Scotia that I maintained but didn't know what to do with them. Wayne helped us decide on our investing plan depending on our risk level. They're friendly people who make you feel at ease since they know what they're doing. They came up with a perfect retirement plan for us."

Val, a service advisor, and Bill, a heavy duty mechanic who represented Finning and the Oilsands at 2006 Alberta Display in Washington, D.C., retired in 2006. They went to a hobby farm in Meadow Lake, SK and shared it with 36 llamas, 1 mini Billy goat, 9 cats, and 2 dogs. "When we first spoke, we discovered that Wayne was quite knowledgeable about our pension plan. We received no information at work, so Wayne enrolled us in a Canada life insurance investment plan. He assisted us in realising that we may retire earlier than planned. They have a good understanding of both financial & tax services making them the best to work with."

"As semi-retired Oil Sands workers, we have been clients of Pinkney Wealth for more than 25 years. Wayne personalizes the relationship by meeting with us in Sherwood Park, as well as communicating regularly through email and phone calls. He always responds quickly to my questions and concerns, EVEN WHEN he is holidaying or travelling outside of Canada he is always looking out for his clients. We have enjoyed above average returns largely attributed to his attention to our accounts. Wayne has a good sense of humour, and a calm reaction and response to the fluctuating markets, which has been incredibly helpful for us. We would recommend Pinkney Wealth to anyone!"

"My wife and I have been retired for a number of years and I can confidently say that we would not be in the secure financial situation we are today without the hard work of Pinkney Wealth! Wayne has been handling our investments for close to two decades now. He meets with us regularly and communicates by phone or email whenever changes or decisions need to be made. Wayne is immensely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of our financial and investment needs and has worked diligently on our behalf. I cannot say enough about how fortunate we feel to count Wayne as our friend and advisor."

"Pinkney Wealth has been instrumental in supporting me in achieving financial security. As a single parent-teacher, it was important that I handle my money carefully to provide for my daughter's future education. That's when I started working with Wayne at Pinkney Financial, purchasing RESPs. He understands teachers as he came to Fort Mc Murray as principal of the Peter Pond Junior-Senior High School, and his wonderful wife Pat retired as a Fort Mc Murray teacher. Wayne was President of our Fort Mc Murray Teachers Association for eight years. Over the years, Wayne spent time explaining the financial world to me in terms I could understand, and I soon learned that my money can work for me. And, that it did! I never felt pressured or out of my league, and always felt that I was important. There was always sincere care for my personal and future success. I am now retired, and Wayne continues to provide sound financial guidance in this new stage of my life, even allowing me to support my beautiful grandchildren for their future education. Thank you Wayne, and the wonderful staff of Pinkney Wealth. I have achieved more financial security than I ever expected!!! "

"Thank you Wayne for your assistance and support over the past few years. Due to our considerably higher than ever expected investment we decided on early retirement at age 55, which we had never thought possible. No more commuting and no more away from home and family. We will now be concentrating on the development of our family ranch in the Fraser Valley."

"I have been retired from Suncor for about twenty two years . Ten years prior to that, my retirement “plan” was haphazard at best. Being referred to Pinkney Wealth helped us receive very sound financial advice for a very solid retirement plan. We highly recommend Pinkney in all the options they offer. Their integrity and personal concern for their clients has made this a great partnership and has given us a wonderful retirement."

"James’ health just after age 55, was not sufficient for him to continue working, but he was too old to move his money into a Locked-In plan and had to take a small Union pension. Wayne went to work with James’ doctor and the Union, and convinced them to release his pension money into a locked-in retirement account. Three years later the account is now worth more than it was when we transferred such and every month we have been receiving a monthly income on such. Seems to us Wayne has done magic. If this terrible illness leads to James’ early death, the account will pass to me 100%, not 60% or 65% as the pension would have. If you are thinking about retirement with money to invest, and/or a locked-in retirement account, we would suggest you get yourself down to talk to Wayne Pinkney, before you do anything else."

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