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Non-Registered Cash Account

A Non-Registered Cash Account is a general account for bonds, stocks, and investment funds. Non-registered means that the account is not registered with the CRA for any special tax treatment. Any gain – interest, dividends, fund distributions, or capital gains are taxable.

Non-Registered Cash Account

A Non-Registered Cash Account is a general account to hold bonds, stocks, and investment funds.

Key Features of a Non-Registered Cash Account

  • Age Eligibility: Must be 18 years or older.
  • No Tax Benefits: There are no tax benefits to using a non-registered cash account. Capital gains are taxed at 50% of your marginal tax rate. Interest, dividends, and fund distributions are taxed at your full marginal tax rate. Dividends are eligible for a Dividend Tax Credit.
  • No Contribution Limits: The general principle is if we have reached the contribution limit for all of your registered accounts, we will resort to a non-registered cash account for your remaining capital.
  • No Beneficiary: The government does not allow a beneficiary to be listed on a non-registered cash account. This means that upon death, the government will liquid and tax your account and the remainder will be left to your estate.

It’s important for businesses to assess their investment goals, risk tolerance, and regulatory considerations when deciding on investment options. Consulting with a financial advisor or investment professional can provide guidance tailored to the specific needs of the business.


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