For 26 years Pinkney Wealth an important part of my financial future. I’m most grateful.
~Frances Burke
Retired Edmonton Public teacher
Good to deal with. Friendly service. They keep me informed. Been with them for 15 years.
~The Penney’s
The returns have exceeded my expectations. Good bye tension, hello pension. Well played.
~Tom Meyland
I’m looking at retiring early. Their passion is a pillar in my investment strategy for 20 years.
~Patricia Nelson
Pinkney Wealth has made retirement a reality - within arm's reach.
~Lynn Philpott
I have a bucket of money with Pinkney, for years I have been dipping into the bucket and the bucket stays full.
~Dawn Henry
They regained the money I lost with others quickly. Advanced my retirement goals by five years.
~Kate in Calgary
Successful Entrepreneur
Best financial decision I’ve made. Thank you to the whole Pinkney team.
~Shelley Furlong
Invested my YMM fireman pension with Pinkney. Great growth in my investments.
~Neil Sneddon
Pinkney Financial Services are awesome. I have never had better service from any financial company in my life .
~Dr. Marius Conradie

Pinkney Financial Services

Pension Transfer and Investment Professionals in Fort McMurray

With numerous investment options available for Locked in Pension Accounts or LIRA accounts, it is important to understand your options. Helping our clients understand how pensions can be transferred into a Locked-in Retirement Account or LIRA and helping them understand what investment choices are available to them is what we do. Taking the guesswork out of investing put’s you in control of your retirement.  

Your Retirement. Your Way.

Pension Transfer Options

Each province in Canada has its own set of rules and regulation regarding pension transfers. Navigating the rules and making choices that fit your risk profile and investment expectations can be cumbersome and complicated. For over 20 years, and with 150 million in assets under management, we have a record of returns for our clients that has kept them with us. Experience makes the difference. Call us today to disuss your needs.

We look forward to speaking with you to find out if we can be of service. Be sure to check out what our clients have to say!

Helping Canadians Understand their Pension Transfer Options Is what we do

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